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Bias Activation - Creative Development

Oddpumpkin Studio had the pleasure to create and assist with assets for the IBM Cannes Lion Bias Activation Creative event. 

Supplying Motion Graphic assets to help the audience understand increasing focus on transparency, diversity and sustainability meant that the Cannes Lions’ adland audience are looking to their technology partners for support.

Alongside the billboard, there were multiple opportunities to share content through social media to extend the reach of the experience.


Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 14.57.37.png

Pulling in organic posts talking about the pledge - photos were taken on site.

Transitions into one post, highlighting the post and making it the focus of the attention.



Croisette Billboard

Content Upload Mechanic - Content managed via VLC player. We were able to upload new content via software for the onsite screens at the event. 


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