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John Peter is an illustrator and animator living in London, England, surrounded by canals and hipster cafe's. This is why he decided to have his studio at home. 


After studies of Advertising Design he started drawing for companies and animating for the creative industry until he found out what a wonderful field it is to draw for children. 

With Passion and Imagination, creating Children's books, Illustrations and Animations.


He prefers illustrating digitally on his graphic tablets, always trying to hide the pen from his crafty but adorable dog.

Said about John:

Anne whittle Marie


"The process was very collaborative and the detail of the illustration was most impressive! John's work was of a high quality and I enjoyed working with him on this project."

Micheal Jones

Vector Art

"Excellent work! Extremely detailed creature!"

Val and Steph of the Wine Two Five Podcast

"John was fun to work with and made the process smooth. I plan to use John again because I love his work and how he works. Wonderful!"

Anitra Wright Douglas


"John was Awesome to work with. Really loved his illustrations. Look forward to working with him on future projects."

Past clients include:

Transport for Ireland, Treehouse Republic, Payrole App, Credit Union, CBRE, Wine Two Five Podcast, Doggylogs, Cycld, Aramark, Trinity College,

Visi Magazine, SnackBox Films, Intouch Games, Napoleon Creative, Facebook, Teads, and more...

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Have a question, need a quote, want me to design a logo, illustrate your board game, book, or draw your lovely pet dressed in a fireman's outfit? Shoot me a message! 

Use the form to the left or email me at info@oddpumpkinstudio.com 

Thank you!

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