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Come along with Todd as he experiences an unforeseen Dinosaur Adventure. Todd helps every day with odd jobs on his Uncle Jack’s farm after school. But on this day, he finds himself in a sticky situation after a storm hits. 


He must help the animals on his Uncle’s farm while figuring out how to keep the Dinosaurs away. 


Will Todd be able to help his new friends? 

Coming soon!


Travelling opens your eyes to so many different things, 

It brings vibrancy to life and helps you appreciate cultural things. 


Louis loves to travel and want's you to see,

This beautiful world and all that it can be.


So follow Louis across the world so vast,

So many cultures and such a happy past.


So cross the ocean and fly over the sea,

and see just how beautiful the whole world can be.

Coming Soon!

Lily Snake Shrine

One would think that in a shrine with lots of cute animals it would be divine but in fact nothing is what it seems in the lily snake shrine of lost dreams. 


It is a stroy of a bully who changed his way and two unexpected heros who saved the day. 

Put your courage shirt on and read this hero book!

Coming SOON!

The Bottom Bongollers and tale of the Nincompoop Soup

Available now!


This Book Teaches Children how to handle grief in creative ways.


We all experience grief at some time in our lives.

The children in your life will enjoy this comforting story. Through heartbreak, Lonita pushes through to find the will to celebrate life in creative ways.


A fun family or class activity adds to the enjoyment of Lonnie's Tree.



Whilst trying to recover from a traumatic encounter in Marrakech curiosity cabinet curator Rose Temple relocates to the eccentric village of Wixan's Hill.


Rose's hopes for a quieter life are scuppered when she becomes involved with the mysterious Crowe family and it soon becomes apparent that their secrets and her past are closely linked, leading Rose down a dangerous path.


The Life of Chickens


The Life of Chickens is a children's book designed to help children learn the unfortunate truth about industrial farming.

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